I've Been in an Accident, Now What?

In the few moments after a car accident has occurred, it is often times difficult to remember to collect all the information needed to submit a claim to an insurance company. In order to make your claim experience go as smoothly as possible, here is a quick reference for you to consult when a claim occurs:

1. Details of Accident:

     a. Date

     b. Time

     c. Location (city, intersection)

     d. Description of accident

     e. Persons Injured

2. Details of Other Party

     a. Owner's Name

     b. Address

     c. Contact Numbers

     d. Driver's Name

     e. Driver's Licence #

     f. Address, Phone Number

3. Details of Other Vehicle

     a. Year

     b. Make

     c. Licence Plate

     d. Insurance Company

     e. Policy #

     f. Agent/Broker

4. Name and Contact Information of Witnesses

5. Police Information

     a. Name

     b. Badge No.

     c. Division 

If the accident has occurred outside of our regular business hours click here to find the after hours claims number for your insurance company.

Auto Accident
Quick Accident Report Form
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