Directors & Officers Liability

Within the Sanctuary Plus product, there are many valuable coverages that will benefit your ministry. One of these important coverages is Directors & Officers Liability. This coverage is designed to protect directors, officers, employees, board members and volunteers from allegations of "wrongful acts."

Many men and women who volunteer in ministries open themselves up to the threat of being named in a lawsuit against the ministry. With the requirements of the labour relations board(s) and Revenue Canada on the Registered Charities Return (Form T3010 E) the amount of detail required for directors and officers to assimilate and understand is an almost impossible task.  Men and women involved in church leadership are usually lay people and not trained in all the nuances of government requirements and are exposed to many unknown concerns. By purchasing this coverage, you are ensuring that your ministry and your members are protected legally and financially.

Directors & Officers Liability acts as a firewall from having your board of trustees sustain personal liability for acts of:

Wrongful dismissal

Exceeding authority granted by charter or bylaws

Acquiescence in conduct of fellow directors engaged in improper action

Failure to properly examine all reports or documents before signing or voting

Failure to properly supervise

Unknowingly disseminate false or misleading information

Failure to comply with government regulations


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